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Thank you for taking a closer look at SkiMax. If you have already bought the application, then welcome, and we hope you will enjoy using the app. If you are curious about what it offers, then please read onwards.

SkiMax has been developed from the ground up to cater for the needs of family and friendship groups who ski together. It was designed to offer groups of individuals a more shared experience when skiing. The Live Map is the place where you can see the locations of your group’s members when they are running the SkiMax app. It is intended to provide the all-important location data for planning things like rendezvous and attempting to meet up with group members while out skiing.

This little application site has been written to give a more detailed explanation of the features of SkiMax. Most of the functions you are likely to work out for yourself, but, we will attempt here to help you understand the full features of the app, as quickly as possible so you can get the most out of SkiMax.

Hope you enjoy your SkiMax experience.

The SkiMax Team.